Fire Extinguisher Speakers – Ring The Alarm



GadgetHeat has come across some funky speakers but these Fire Extinguisher Speakers by (yet another Russian modder

), Strannik are amongst the best we have seen yet, we’re even thinking of making these our mascot – Gadget Heat – get it? No?

The Fire Extinguisher Speakers are not just a simple imitation; these were actually in full time use in their previous life to turn the heat down. Now, in their present incarnation as speakers, they can turn the heat up if you’re a party lover.

Not available to buy, you are going to have to go through an awful lot of the time in the workshop if you’re going to make a set of these Fire Extinguisher Speakers for yourself but if you check out the pictures below, you’ll see that it’s not that hard if you put your mind to it…really….

Check the build log over at TopMods

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