Say it Right – Nokia 5320 – Say & Play

Looks like Nokia can’t stop innovating new phones and it’s latest babies the Nokia 5320 and Nokia 5220 are no different. The Handsets only requires the sweet sound of your voice to select a track and begin playback. If you whisper ‘ice Ice baby’ the handset will blast the classic poetic lines of that hip hop legend Vanilla Ice. The dedicated audio chip also means that the sounds will not be the usualy tinny crap that that you hear from 17 year olds on the back of buses up and down the country playing the mobile mp3’s for everyone to hear.

nokia 5320

The ‘say & play’ feature will work for any of the tracks you loaded onto the Nokia 5320 / 5220 and with 8gb of space, that’s about 2000 tracks at your disposal. This is where it gets tricky, out of 100 tracks asked for, the handset will get it right about 80% of the time. The other 20% it will question your dialect and ask you to enounciate (cheeky b*stard).

As part of the XpressMusic range it has dedicated music keys and a standard 3.5mm jack so you can actually attach your own decent set of headphones as opposed to the in the box set. The Nokia 5320‘s other main focus is gaming. It is being touted as one of the main poster-girls of the new N-Gage platform that we’ve heard good things about. It is also the first non N-Series nokia to be deemed worthy enough to have both the N-Gage platform the Ovi system which is recommendation indeed. On the downside this extra N-Gage feature does not apply to the 5220 model and comes in at a £50 premium (difference in price between the 5320 and 5220) but if your a games fan it may be worth looking into.

The gaming aspect of the 5320 handest has dedicated controls and with Nokia’s new Mosh

site allowing you to download free games the 5320 looks pretty tasty. Speaking of looks, we can’t make heads or tails of the design. Many reviews have been harping on about how innovative it is but in reality, it’s a pretty standard candy bar shape albiet the jet black finish with the colour highlighted rim does look pretty cool.
The Nokia 5320 ranges from Free to about £170 at the Carphone Warehouse. The Nokia 5220 is from Free to aboyt £120.

nokia 5320


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