Top 10 GTA IV Cheats & Easter Eggs (And Pigeons!)


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we like a good video game just like anyone else but don’t have much time to play it :(. However, we do have time to find some cheats and Easter eggs to speed up progress 😉

Yes yes we know. What’s the point of playing a game if you are going to cheat your way through it? Our answer, it’s a game! Relax and have some fun. Just don’t save your progress after entering some of these cheat codes or discovering these pigeon and easter eggs otherwise you’ll miss out on some of the acheivements (and rightly so, cheaters never prosper as they say…).


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Start the game and get they kepad on screen by pressing up twice. You will then be able to enter the following codes to spice up your game and access the cheat menu:

1. Easter egg – Full Health – 3625550100 (disables ‘Cleaned the Mean Streets’ acheivement)

2. Easter egg – Clear wanted level – 2675550100 (disables ‘Walked Free’ acheivement)

3. Easter eggRepair car – 911

4. Easter egg – Reveal all maps, map items and pigeons – enter in any of the games computers at an internet cafe

5. Easter egg – Faster Travel – Get taxis. That’s right taxis. You can skip taxi cut scenes and can get to and from your destination in about 10 seconds rather than driving all around the city carjacking (unless you really want to..)

6. Easter egg – One Man Army – An easy way to get this acheivement is to get your 6 star wanted level (go crazy dude) then head towards the bridge that takes you to the second island in the game. Stand directly under the bridge on the train track for 5 minutes and you will get this acheivement. The police cannot shoot you as they are on the bridge and helicopters cannot get to you inthat location either. Sweet.

7. Easter egg – Get that Money – This is a bit longwinded but it’s a good way to never be broke. Find an ATM and cause a traffic jam nearby. Block all nearby roads so that cops and ambulances cannot approach. Wait until someone is taking money out of the ATM and waste them. You can pick up the money they drop, run a short distance away, come back and pick up the money again when it respwans. You can keep doing this as many times as you want and also waste some more people taking cash out the atm to increase the booty.

8. Easter egg – SharpShooting – Quick kill head and chest shots are weirdly satisfying and you too can be a marksman (and rack up some bonus points). Activate auto-aim then use the right analogue stick to move around your target. Just move the stick very very slightly as you are shooting and this will result in Nico’s aim being pinpoint and putting bullets in chest and head.

9. Easter egg – Toll avoidance – $5 may not be much to pay but when you can get it free why not? Get yourself an emergency vehicle and drive through the toll gate with the sirens on. The booth attendant will open the gate for you without the fee.

10. Easter egg – Ricky Gervais – Go with Packie or Jacob to central island and head towards Star Junction’s Comedy Club. Ricky Gervais will appear and perform an exclusive comedy routine (if you like that sort of stuff).


Yes yes we know that the Heart of the City Easter Egg wasn’t included in the list and that is because EVERYBODY and their mama knows about this one by now but just in case you missed it, here it is:



  1. Ricky Gervais? He gets around. Wish there was an episode of the office on there too

  2. Blocking the raods for the ATM? That’s a great idea! And golly, I should would want to rack up some bomus points with marksmanship. Gotta love those bomus points. Acticating auto-aim seems like a good way to get these so-mentioned bomus points.

  3. Wow what a bitchy way to point out spelling mistakes 😉

  4. I was under the impression those would fall in the category of cheat codes, not easter eggs…

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  7. Fighting on the internet is like participating in the Special Olympics: Even though you win, you still lose.

  8. you forgot the Heart of Liberty City Easter Egg.

    get a helicopter and fly to the FEET of the statue at The Happiness Island, not the base. One of the doors you should be able to walk through, and inside you’ll find a ladder. go up there and find what makes Liberty City tick.

    oh, and Doug, don’t be so pseudo-intellectual trying to impress people you’ll never meet.

  9. Seen that on YouTube – Figured most people would have clocked that one by now but we’ve updated the post just in case

  10. “Fighting on the internet is like participating in the Special Olympics: Even though you win, you still lose.”

    it’s actually, “Fighting on the internet is like being in the Special Olympics, even if you win, you’re still retarded”.

    suck it.

  11. Umm…. no. Heart in the Statue of Liberty? You need to learn your eggs buddy.

    #’s 5, 6, and 8 aren’t cheats or eggs. They’re tips. Easter Eggs are hidden links, pictures, audio, ext. into software, websites, or games.

    In the end, they are useless gags that programmers include for fun.

  12. Stand down soldier. We’ve updated the post now…

  13. I think Ive found a few others just silly ones but still funny.
    Kill without attacting attention from enemies- if you see an enemy on a high building when your sniping dont go for the headshot shoot them in the leg to watch them tumble and fall from the roof and shockingly no-one will notice

    random armour- on the second island (the one you move to after the arson) go to the far south east of the island and climb the construction site to find a set of body armour for free.

    bullet proof car (needs further checks) now every GTA has had one so I think Ive found this games, when your on Pegerino (or whatever hes called)’s first mission the car you arrive is is bulletproof for the chase section as despite being shot at no bullet holes appear.

    British wanker- possible another hidden Ricky Gervais bit once you meet jeff near where Dwayne lives/d shortly after his first mission you will get a call for the second then theres a third one that appears along one of the roads from the second island bowling alley, where in anger he walks into the road and is hit by a sports car, a guy gets out and calls up the emergancy services and in an English voice very like Ricky Gervais’s he apologises to the operator for killing the guy.

    free guns and ammo- simple use the police computer and take down criminals and most wanted people they nearly always have weapons

    Back from the dead- Remeber the guy you saved during Franchise’s missions the bloke ontop of the building well if you go back there you find near the flats theres a friend marker go to it and see the consequences of your actions play out.

    news reports- at certain points after major story points you’ll hear over the radio Weazel news say about them and often say how they are searching for a european man.

    New reports on the Yeti- Remeber the whole San Andreas yeti thing and the flying saucers, that turned out to be mods, well guess what they get a mention on Weazel news on the radio saying there are stupid people believeing they exsist.

    bullet hole removal- ever had a nice car only to have it ruined by bullet holes, well rather than going to pay and spray go to a fast food joint, go in and buy food then when you come out the bullet holes have gone.

    clear the stripclub without being kicked out- simple take out your mobile phone and use the camera, and watch as people run in fear and the bouncers come round but your not forced to leave.

    get the police on side- a simple trick but very usefull, if your being outnumbered by gangsters, simple phone the cops and watch the ensuing firefight, saving you ammo and health

    Roman carjacks you, its a simple trick yet fun, simple block up the parking spaces infront of the flat then pull up along side the cars after an evening out with Roman, and as he cant get out he carjacks you lol

  14. The Ricky Gervais gig isn’t an exclusive, he uses material from his fame tour.

  15. does anyone not recagnise the person on the wall in the pic at the top of the page nd at that wall ther is also loads of other past GTA characters

  16. There’s a much easier way to get free tolls all you have to do is smash the guy in front of you through the gate and they won’t charge you. Another cool thing to try is fly up to a skyscraper and spawn a car so its just on the edge and press triangle or whateverthey useon xbox if the car doesnt fall down straight away try to use the steering to flip it over just likein san andreas

  17. har noe koder til penger eller

  18. doug rosbury is 1 dum fuck i like the game because u can do what ever u want u can kill who ever u want well who ever he is he is some dum fuck that is for shere

  19. funka de som man såg på filmen

  20. theres a glitch i noticed if you go to nikos safe house(romans apartment) shoot the posters leave the safe house a guy should try to shoot you to death

  21. but sometimes there won’t be a guy

  22. nice but in need more gta iv chets cn you send it on e mail? if you can send it to [email protected] tnks from simon

  23. the game is funny when u push people off buildens

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