Top 10 GTA IV Cheats & Easter Eggs (And Pigeons!)


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we like a good video game just like anyone else but don’t have much time to play it :(. However, we do have time to find some cheats and Easter eggs to speed up progress 😉

Yes yes we know. What’s the point of playing a game if you are going to cheat your way through it? Our answer, it’s a game! Relax and have some fun. Just don’t save your progress after entering some of these cheat codes or discovering these pigeon and easter eggs otherwise you’ll miss out on some of the acheivements (and rightly so, cheaters never prosper as they say…).


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Start the game and get they kepad on screen by pressing up twice. You will then be able to enter the following codes to spice up your game and access the cheat menu:

1. Easter egg – Full Health – 3625550100 (disables ‘Cleaned the Mean Streets’ acheivement)

2. Easter egg – Clear wanted level – 2675550100 (disables ‘Walked Free’ acheivement)

3. Easter eggRepair car – 911

4. Easter egg – Reveal all maps, map items and pigeons – enter in any of the games computers at an internet cafe

5. Easter egg – Faster Travel – Get taxis. That’s right taxis. You can skip taxi cut scenes and can get to and from your destination in about 10 seconds rather than driving all around the city carjacking (unless you really want to..)

6. Easter egg – One Man Army – An easy way to get this acheivement is to get your 6 star wanted level (go crazy dude) then head towards the bridge that takes you to the second island in the game. Stand directly under the bridge on the train track for 5 minutes and you will get this acheivement. The police cannot shoot you as they are on the bridge and helicopters cannot get to you inthat location either. Sweet.

7. Easter egg – Get that Money – This is a bit longwinded but it’s a good way to never be broke. Find an ATM and cause a traffic jam nearby. Block all nearby roads so that cops and ambulances cannot approach. Wait until someone is taking money out of the ATM and waste them. You can pick up the money they drop, run a short distance away, come back and pick up the money again when it respwans. You can keep doing this as many times as you want and also waste some more people taking cash out the atm to increase the booty.

8. Easter egg – SharpShooting – Quick kill head and chest shots are weirdly satisfying and you too can be a marksman (and rack up some bonus points). Activate auto-aim then use the right analogue stick to move around your target. Just move the stick very very slightly as you are shooting and this will result in Nico’s aim being pinpoint and putting bullets in chest and head.

9. Easter egg – Toll avoidance – $5 may not be much to pay but when you can get it free why not? Get yourself an emergency vehicle and drive through the toll gate with the sirens on. The booth attendant will open the gate for you without the fee.

10. Easter egg – Ricky Gervais – Go with Packie or Jacob to central island and head towards Star Junction’s Comedy Club. Ricky Gervais will appear and perform an exclusive comedy routine (if you like that sort of stuff).


Yes yes we know that the Heart of the City Easter Egg wasn’t included in the list and that is because EVERYBODY and their mama knows about this one by now but just in case you missed it, here it is:


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