Rotating Electrical Outlet – Simplicity At Its Best

We have all been in that situation when you need to plug in multiple devices and you know that you have enough power sockets available, it’s just that the plugs you are using are so bulky or awkwardly shaped that you cannot get them all in at once – boo!

The 360 rotating power outlet can, for a measly $10, get rid of this frustration by allowing you to rotate the power socket to the angle you require so that you can get all your power-hungry gadgets hooked up – hurray!.

Installation is a quick 10 minute job and the 360 rotating power outlet comes in white, black and beige (who has a beige color-scheme any more? What is this? the 70’s?).

Pick up the 360 rotating electrical outlet from

and make your life just that little bit easier….




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