Griffin AirCurve – Sound Magnified



iPod docks

and speaker systems

are ten-a-penny but that didn’t stop Griffin from unleashing their AirCurve which, technically speaking, is neither a speaker nor dock but is in fact a clever powerless amplifier.

The AirCurve allows you to magnify your iPhone’s sounds by simply ‘docking’ it in the AirCurve and letting the polycarbonate acoustic magnify the iPhone’s internal speaker exponentially.

Crated in a clear construct, the AirCurve uses a coiled waveguide to take your puny iPhone speakers and give them enough crunk to fill the room. Not bad for a device that uses no additional electrics.

The Griffin AirCurve also comes with a pass-through slot that allows you to charge and sync your iPhone when docked.

Available for $20 come October, methinks that the Griffin AirCurve will prove to be one of the more popular iPhone docks….




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