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If we had a category for gross gadgets, then the Remote Controlled Helicopter Cockroach would be first on the bill. Perfect for scaring women of all ages and annoying the heck out of any sensitive restaurant owners.

Thirty minutes of charging time will give you enough for a 5 minute flight and five minutes plus a RC flying cockroach equals plenty of fun. If you have a child of thirteen or younger at home (or are just young at heart yourself), then this is the gift for them. Not as good looking as the Picoo Z Insecta

, the Remote Controlled Helicopter Cockroach will get you more attention (and probably not in a good way).

The RC flying cockroach is available from Gizmine

for $59.99. Be warned though, this is shipped direct from Japanese shores so don’t expect to be able to read the instruction manual. In any case, you don’t need to know Japanese to make an unaware small child or female (yeah, we said it) run screaming to their mommy. Fun times.






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