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Now that color coding has become a valid method of differentiating your console, the Red ‘Resident Evil 5’ Xbox 360 elite is in fact, awesome. Color isn’t the only difference we admit (unlike the Dark Knight xbox 360

). You also get a red wireless control-pad and a bundled Street Fighter II HD Remix and of course, Resident Evil 5.

The full Red ‘Resident Evil 5’ Xbox 360 package includes and Xbox 360 elite with 120GB HDD, the afore mentioned games a few cables so you can hook everything up.

Europeans will be able to grab it come March for €299. USA denizens will most likely be looking at the $399 mark, the current price of a standard Xbox 360 elite, when the Red ‘Resident Evil 5’ Xbox 360 elite is released at an as yet umentioned date.






  1. My god, thats so pointless I nearly died

  2. What? Money making spin-offs that bleed fanboys dry not your thing then? Shame… 😉

  3. You know what realy sucks is that microsoft keeps on making more and more bulshit. Now all the fans of resident evil are going to go on ebay and pay a shit load of money to by this stupid ass red xbox 360. I mean seriusly what the hell is so differnt about this one then all the other xboxs they make. now some retard would say its red, and thats just my point. If you go out and buy an xbox it is the same thing as the one above. I think microsoft should stop being f***** dumasses and just make a new xbox in stead of making a series of them that look like a bowl of fruty pebbles. WAKE UP MICROSOFT!!!!


  4. word.

  5. […] have to say, the Watchmen Xbox 360 is striding ahead of the Red Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 and even the Batman Dark Knight Xbox 360 in attractiveness. If we can get our hands on one for dirt […]

  6. so someone pissed actually if you look at the stats on this 360 it has a 120 gb hard drive and it is the same price as the elite and it even comes with resident evil 5 for free so that is why they released it. oh and another thing is that it would be the 540 not the 720.

  7. […] then again, if the xbox 360 can get away with painting the unit red and causing such a stir for the Red Resident Evil xbox 360 then why […]

  8. […] This cool Resident Evil 5 Chainsaw Usb Drive is part of the limited edition Resident Evil 5 set but you can also get your hands on it if you give ebay a quick browse. The bloody chainsaw is definitely in keeping with the games action-horror sequence and it presents a neat accessory to go with the red Resident Evil 5 xbox 360. […]

  9. I have a new red xbox and it is great. i wanted my first xbox and i saw the resident evil edition and decided to be one of the first to get one. and so far it is great. resident evil 5 was prety easy to beat but it was enjoyable

  10. Roflol… its so god damn entertaining to watch all the hate comments ‘ere. and to the one that said the next xbox is 540 fails at life.
    Microsoft comfirmed that the next xbox console is called 720.
    And the portable version is called xbox 180.

  11. Wow you people are retarded 1st a portable, No… just no dont even start it’s already a failure. 2nd who gives a crap about 720 its not coming out for awhile and the red one is way better it comes with 2 months of Live for free and Resident Evil 5 free and its all out a better color than the rest. 😀

  12. Someone Pissed said: “f***** dumasses”

    Yes, making shit loads of money from just changing the color and tweaking the system a bit…..

    I think that’s pretty damn smart.

  13. One great thing about the “RED” xbox 360 is your gonna have the new jasper chip….Cooling device. You will less likely get the dreaded RROD(red ring of death) Even though microsoft is selling elites everywhere claiming newest edition..often you’ll be getting a 2008 model. The 2008 models do not have the upgraded chip. So far everyone who comments on the RE5 system all say they got a 2009 model system…tada! jasper chip. If your buying from a store you can check the back flap before buying it to make sure you get the latest model. Check for 12,1A in the sequence of numbers. (its a small pop-out flap on box)
    My point is…color is no matter(can cover with a skin) But if you value your dollar and your system, you may want the RE5 system if you are buying an elite.
    happy gaming!

  14. trust me guys. bought the red one when it came out. have had it already a year. and had to replace the disc drive twice. thought it was cool. a waste of money. seriously. its red. i like it. color isnt everything though. i have a intercooler just in case. i think im about to switch to ps3. 360. you cant get on the internet. you gotta pay for live. no bluethooth. microsoft sucks.

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