Sony GXD-L65H1 » Supersoak Me



The Sony GXD-L65H1 HDTV is a proof TV (see our position on proofs here

); dust-proof and drip-proof. Judging by the video below, Sony has erred on the side of caution by saying that the GXD-L65H1 is merely drip-proof. It looks like it can take one heck of a soaking and still come out working.

Apart from the party tricks, the Sony GXD-L65H1 is your usual 65-inches of 1080p HD LCD viewing pleasure. For Japanese eyes only at the moment, if you want it on home soil import is the only option. I wouldn’t worry though. This baby looks tough enough to withstand the attention of even the most ardent airport baggage handler.

The Sony GXD-L65H1 HD TV is set for a May 2009 release with a price in the range of 1,850,000 yen with an optional 25,000 yen for a speaker upgrade. If we have our currency conversion right, you’re looking at just under the $20,000 mark. Recession? What recession?


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