Microsoft SideWinder X8 BlueTrack Mouse Available » Shipping



Announced last year, the Microsoft SideWinder X8 BlueTrack gaming mouse is now ready and willing to ship. For the dedicated PC gamer, this is a fairly decent weapon that can be added to your armoury (or you may prefer just to go for style over substance and grab yourself a grenade mouse


The SideWinder X8 is built upon Microsoft’s proprietary BlueTrack Technology, which packs in 13,000 frames per second image processing giving it pinpoint accuracy so your focus fire attacks always hit the right guy. Always.

If your interested in the finer details (and why would you be), the Microsoft SideWinder X8 features 75g max acceleration and 120 inches per second max speed. The press release also promises that the mouse will be latency free but we all know that this depends on so many factors being pitch perfect during the game that we’re not holding our breath on that one.

Out and avialbe to buy now, expect to drop $99 to get your hands on the Microsoft SideWinder X8 BlueTrack gaming mouse


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