PlayStation Portable 2 Concept – Ultra Lightweight Design



Yet another PlayStation Portable 2 Concept design has been found in the wild. This one is by designer Tai Chiem and he takes the PSP 2 concept to a whole new level of portability.

In fact, you could just roll this up and put your PSP in your pocket if you wanted to (note: GadgetHeat takes no responsibility for you being arrested for walking with a third leg).

Tai Chiem‘s design takes the PSP 2 and rolls it up using a flexible OLED display and when ready to play, utilises and electric charge to create a rigid, near frameless screen to play on.

The speakers on either side of this Playstation Portable 2 Concept can also be used as jog wheels and control knobs.

This is a nice idea but I’m leaning towards the handheld xbox 360

concept when it comes to design that could actually make the real world…

Check the gallery for more pictures.



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