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BBQ Chicken USB – No One Loves Chicken This Much



We’ve seen about 101 USB drives

at GadgetHeat but the BBQ Chicken USB takes some beating. I love chicken like the next man but would I want an imitation barbeque chicken USB flash drive sticking out of my laptop? Do I look like a KFC fanboy???

Still, if you like wacky gadgets and you are a dedicated finger-licking chicken lover, you may just go for the BBQ USB drive (and you also probably need some help to break that chicken addiction).

At 2GB the capacity isn’t massive but if you buy this, you probably were not that interested in the technical specs and focussed more on the ‘secret ingredients’ that the manufacturers’ coated the USB flash drive


If you are really into food-technology (^^), you can also get your hands on a BBQ pork USB drive. The BBQ Chicken USB flash drive retails at $11.99 and the pork version for $9.99 from SourcingMap



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