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We will admit that the Phillips GoGear Ariaz media player is good looking, but PMP

‘s can’t survive on looks alone (isn’t that right Cowon s9

?). Thankfully, the GoGear Ariaz also comes with up to 16GB of storage, an inbuilt FM tuner, voice recording via a built-in mic and a 2 inch touchscreen with a back-up rocker key just in case touchscreen isn’t your thing (or you have fingers like Shrek).

Expected in Europe this April for around €79 to €179 (approximately $100 to $230) the Phillips GoGear Ariaz is no iTouch challenger, but it does offer a simpler solution to the media player problem if you are a ‘anything but iPod’ kind of guy (or gal).

Don’t hold your breath for a Stateside release of the Phillips GoGear Ariaz media player just yet, but get in line for nachos

and you will know as soon as we do.

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