Vuzix iWear AV310 Widescreen Available » 52-Inch Ultra Portable Screen



If you fancy looking all 22nd century then the Vuzix iWear AV310 Widescreen is just the accessory you need. You can walk around looking like Cyclops from the X-Men only not as suspicious that your girlfriend and Wolverine have a thing going on.

The Vuzix iWear AV310 Widescreen has been in the works for a while, but they are finally shipping. The AV310 allows you to wrap the shades around your eyes and throes up a huge 52-inch screen with your vision situated at 9 feet away (and we though the Aigo F566+

was impressive).

You can adjust the focus by using the independent +2 to -5 diopter focus which prevents the picture from becoming all fuzzy and making your eyes bleed. The Vuzix iWear AV310 Widescreen also has 3D functions so make sure your sitting by yourself when you’re watching a 3D movie otherwise people will really think you’re a freak.

Compatible with all iPod and an array of other media devices, the $249 price tag seems OK (meaning that we haven’t seen it and gone WTF). The Vuzix iWear AV310 Widescreen is available now from





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