Perfect iTunes Application Management Concept » What Apple Should Have Done But Didn’t

The video below of the iTune iPhone application manager concept is perfect. iTunes is a useful but cumbersome beast. It takes up too much resource on the average PC and it’s not quite as intuitive as you think it should be. Slow as hell too while we’re at it. When it comes to managing your iPhones applications on iTunes, the question is raised, why bother? There’s no real benefit and all the afore mentioned gripes come into play.

The iTune iPhone application manager concept by svdomer99 shows Apple how it should have been done. Easy drag and drop applications from your home screens, move them around and sort them exactly how you want them, quick and intuitive.

If this can be done (and we can’t see a reason why not), Apple need to turn this iTunes App Management concept into a reality pronto. Video below.

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