Panasonic Multi-Touch Air Hockey



What do you do with a $70k 103 inch television in a tough economy? Turn it into a multi-touch touchscreen air hockey table FTW. That’s exactly what Panasonic have done with their extra large screen TV (they have an 150inch version but that’s another story) and multi-touch, Apple lawsuit safe, specialists U-Touch.

U-Touch have turned the Panasonic TV into a one capable of receving touchscreen input and the air-hockey software has been added by softrware house ui Centric. The result? A cool, huge touchscreen air hockey game which although still has some kinks, would still look cool in anybodies bedroom.

Not on sale yet (and don’t expect to be able to afford it if it ever does become available to the general public), the Panasonic Multi-Touch Air Hockey television is one for conferences and corporate events at the moment, which is probably why the video below lacks some oomph from the players.


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