Our Top Tips For the Traveling Landscape Photographer

pexels photo 610293

pexels photo 610293

Landscape photographers have one of the most adventurous and fulfilling jobs in the world. Imagine exploring the vast landscape of iceland in search of the perfect icey waterfall photograph. Or imagine trekking the scottish highlands in search of an epic hilltop sun rise. These are all picturesque images that glamorise the job of the landscape photographer. But really, every profession comes with its own limitations. Photography is not an exception. From budgeting and finding the cheapest airport car parking to planning tips to ideas on where to travel to and from, we have compiled a list of our top tips for the traveling photographer.

Packing the Right Luggage

Packing the correct bits and pieces is probably more important for the landscape photographer than many other professions. Forgetting something as simple as a memory card, lense or tripod could reprimand your photographing ability. Make sure that you are taking everything that you need with you! It is always a good idea to cut back on other unnecessary bits and bobs if you have a limit on your luggage weight. The most important thing is that you get out there with all of your camera gear. Do you really need excessive amounts of clothing or accessories? Is it really that important that you take that bottle of bourbon? Sometimes it really is worth only taking the essentials!

Top Travel Tip: Have the right equipment all laid out on your bed. Write a checklist of all of the items that you need and make sure that you have checked over it several times before packing all of you stuff away. The last thing you need is to get you your location and realise that you forgot to bring the charger for your camera batteries!

Preplan Each Day

It is hard sometimes when you are in a new environment to remember to stick to your plans. If you go somewhere without having a set plan for each day then the likelihood is that you will mismatch your timings and miss out on some great photographing opportunities. No one wants to head out there with the intention of snapping some powerfully moody landscapes but then overdo their chill time and end up empty handed!

Top Tip: Do your research on the place that you are visiting. Look into the top tourist destinations near by and allocate a specific day to each location. Keep a diary noting the kinds of shots that you want to take in each place. This is a great way to fulfill the goals of your journey. You will easily be able to get to all of your destinations if you have pre-allocated time for each one.

Always Get Up Early

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As a landscape photographer you will know the power of the morning sun. There is just something about the morning that makes the land look breathtakingly peaceful. The quiet, still, mist covered look of the land as the sun rises makes for an impressive photograph. Make sure you allocate a couple of days to getting up early so you don’t miss out on those important moments of quiet.

Top Tip: If you want to get the best morning shots possible then set your alarm a few hours before daylight in your given destination. Make sure to get as high up as possible so that you get a really good shot of the sun coming up. It can be hard, but the earlier you get up and the more prepared and high up you are, the better your shot will be!

Save Money by Preplanning Your Travels

Preplanning your travels is a great way to ensure that you are restricting the possibility of anything going wrong. This is also a great way of restricting your spending. If you plan your meals, flight, transportation and accomodation then you are a lot less likely to spend a fortune on your journey to find the perfect landscape. Make sure you scour the internet for the cheapest options before heading out on your adventure!

Top Traveling Tip: You can always find cheaper options when you shop for things online. If you are traveling to your landscape destination by plane then you can find some great online discount codes for airport parking. For example there are a tirade of Bristol Airport parking discounts online at the moment that the traveling photographer can make use of!

Explore More Areas

Restricting yourself to only one area is a huge mistake. Many landscape photographers like to mull around in one area for a very long time hunting down the perfect landscape shot. While it is a good idea to explore an areas angles, positions and light, it is also imperative that you move from place to place.

Top Tip: One of the best things that you can do as a landscape photographer is to get off the beaten track. Some of the worlds more beautiful landscapes are located off the road most travelled. Don’t be afraid to explore the more wild, untamed and unpopulated parts of the world. These often hold the most untouched beauty of all.

Overall there are plenty of ways that you can make your landscape photography journey more efficient. You want it to be a productive time just as much as a fun and humbling one too. Make sure you pack the right stuff, preplan your days, get up early, be money savvy and explore areas further afield! Now all you have to decide on is where to jet off to next!

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