Now You’re Speaking My Language

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Just a quick post to let everybody know that I’ve made a few changes to the GadgetHeat

blog feed and have also added a translation plug-in for all my bilingual readers.

The GadgetHeat feed now has full text so you can get you gadget dosage straight from the feed without having to leave you’re feed-reader unless you want to. We will be monitoring the feed situation over this month to see what else we can do to make it more accessible for you guys.

If you haven’t already subscribed, you can do so now: Subscribe to Free GadgetHeat feed

The global translation plug-in simply allows you to read this blog in the language of your choice. We have more or less randomly selected 9 languages but I will add more upon request so if your native tongue is not listed amongst the flags in the sidebar, drop as an email or comment and we will see if we can find an appropriate translation plug-in (also if you notice that the translations just aren’t making any sense and coming up with some weird interpretations of our post let us know too).

That’s it for now but we will be writing another gadget post very soon, keep a look out…

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