No Time To Kill? Use The Kill-A-Watt Button



Ever want a funky gadget and to help the environment at the same time? No? Well what about saving that extra five minutes at home time when you’re leaving the office? Yes? Well read on my work-shy friend because this is for you. The Kill-A-Watt Button by Kurt Maclaurin is a device that sits on your desktop and wirelessly powers down your computer, saving all your open files in the process.

If you’re one of those people (like the folks at GadgetHeat)

who are always too busy to switch off your PC at the end of the day and wait the 5 minutes it takes for your PC to figure out what do do with itself once you’ve pushed the power-off button, then the Kill-A-Watt Button could be for you. Rather than leaving your computer on for days or weeks at a time, using up valuable energy overnight or at weekends, the Kill-A-Watt Button safely shuts down and saves all your documents and programs whilst you wonder off merrily to more important things like catching the train home. You will be doing your Eco-Friendly bit without inconveniencing yourself and that is what we all really want isn’t?

True it only puts your computer in sleep-mode or standby, but that’s better than leaving it on active mode with the screen-lock on all night. It’s sleek design will have your fingers itching to push it all day but at least wait until you finish the task in hand otherwise you’ll be looking at a black screen.

You can also set the Kill-A-Watt Button to auto-start your machine at certain times so if you set it to turn on at 8:50 every morning, by the time you come in to work your PC will be ready to use.

The device is completely plug-n-play so you can start using it immediately. Just put it on your desk then press it when you are ready to shut down. Just make sure that any visitors to your workspace don’t get too tempted to press that sleek little gadget on your desk with the big ‘OFF’ letters flashing on it…




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  2. Heh, very nice, Start > Shutdown > Standby is cheaper, though. =P Or Start > Shutdown > *press & hold shift key* > Hibernate. *rolls eyes*

  3. Why won’t it shut the computer all the way down? If I just walk away from my laptop, the internal power settings will put it in standby mode after a pre-determined time. So the button doesn’t do anything for money that I can’t already do for free.

    If it can’t do a hard shut-down, it’s worthless to me. Geek Junk.

  4. Yeah we were thinking the same thing (i.e., why doesn’t it power it all the way down rather than just into sleep mode) but there’s only so much a wireless gadget can do.

    Asking it to pull out the plug would probably require a little more tech, like robotics…

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