Nokia N97 Available For Pre-Order



The Nokia N97 Available For Pre-Order

in the UK. As with all big product launches, you can tell whether or not it’s going to be a hit by the length of time from the release date that pre-ordering starts and the number of pre-orders placed. are hoping that pre-orders are going to big for the Nokia N97 flagship handset


With the hefty price tag, only the most affluent of symbian and Nokia fans are likely to jump on this one in these tough economic times (who knows whether or not you can even afford your phone bill in three months let alone a £479 (£700+) phone).

The phone is due to be officially available on March 31st., the online retailer has set the ball rolling and are offering free delivery with Nokia N97 if you place your Nokia N97 pre-order now


Stateside users can expect the Nokia 97 release date to be sometime around April if unofficial sources amongst Nokia Product Mangers are to be believed (and why wouldn’t they be?). Pre-Order here



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