SONY have unleashed yet another limited edition PlayStation

for the masses, the SONY PS3 FFVII Edition. Currently only available in Japan, the limited edition SONY PS3 FFVII Edition will come with 160GB HDD and Cloud’s Strike Wolf logo etched on-top.

In truth, we would have been more impressed if they had released it with a SSD

but meh, we’re picky. The limited edition SONY PS3 FFVII Edition has been released in honour of the re-release of the Advent Children Anime DVD. The cartoon (yeah, we said it, it’s a cartoon) features an extra 30 minutes of new footage to feats your eyes on.

No word as yet on a world-wide release for the SONY PS3 FFVII Edition so our Japanese friends can enjoy the console all to themselves for now (unless of course you’ve heard of a little thing called ‘import’).

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