Nikon Wifi UP300x Headphone – Futuristic Headphones



The Nikon Wifi-enable UP300x Headphone looks like something straight out of Terminator and other sci-fi movies of the the same ilk. The headphones look like a technophiles dream with so many functions, it’s like having the Plantronics GameCom 777 headphones

and the Aigo F566+ sunglasses

all in one.

These WiFI enabled headphones have a mini screen attached which allows the user to watch films in various multi-media formats (including flash, WM9 and MP3 amongst others) and also browse the web.

Now, I am not sure how Nikon have measured their proportions but the UP300x and UP300 itty-bitty screens looks too tiny to a get a decent view to me but I guess from that distance to your eye, the perspective is different.

The Nikon Wifi-enable UP300x Headphone comes with a rather impressive 8GB of internal flash memory, hands-free capabilities and a USB port (we love USB ports). The UP300x and UP300 come in at around $587 each and at the moment are only available in Japan.

More pictures below




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