HANNspree HT09 28in Full HD TV – Quality On A Budget



The usual sizes for HD televisions are 26″,32″, 42″ etc. HANNspree, always wanting to be different, have come up with the 28″ Full HD Television. What’s in a couple of inches you may be wondering? Money!

The HANNspree HT09 28″ Full HD TV comes in at a wallet-loving £280. You would be hard pressed to find a similar spec and quality television for a cheaper price (unless of course, you don’t mind if your televisions fall apart after a month).

The only drawback of the HANNspree HT09 is that it only comes with two HDMI ports as opposed to the usual three. If you have the range of peripherals that any self-respecting technophile should have, it can get rather annoying having to unplug and swap-out your various set-top boxes and consoles every time you need to hook them up to your TV.

You can pick up the HANNspree HT09 28in Full HD TV (along with a rather generous warranty and after-sales service) direct form the HANNspree website. We’re happy that HANNspree has produced a quality product as a decent price but we loved it when the closest think they got to the norm was a television shaped like a carton of french-fries….

If you were looking for a larger set (and we do mean much larger) then the Pioneer KURO PDP-6020FD

60 inches of HD quality may be more up your alley….

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