Nike FeelFree Headset – Run With It


Mind changing gadgets are a dangerous thing and when Hannes Seeberg came up with this concept Nike FeelFree Headset, you have to wonder what he has on his mind. Why Nike for a start. The only thing they know about headphones is making sure there’s enough space on it for the tick (then again, Nike will brand anything these days, even a Nike Burger


The headset is designed to help fight depression and induce a state of relaxation that the average nine-to-fiver never seems to fully experience. The headphones have four wave-profiles including Meditation, Focus, Learn and Sleep; each one using EEG Binaural beats (google it) to produce the desired effect on the brain, distancing the user from stress and tension.

The touted benefits of the Nike FeelFree Headset include improving mental and emotional health as well as increasing learning ability and creativity.

Whilst all this sounds well and good, having a gadget fiddle with my mental state brings up warning signs. It only takes one mad-modder to create new settings such as ‘Paranoia’, ‘Panic’ or ‘Submission’ for the headset to become a more interesting gadget (not that I’m giving anyone ideas….).

The Nike FeelFree Headset concept is not in production, whether it will ever make it out of Hannes Seeberg’s design house depends on how badly Nike want world domination and we all know that they want it real bad…..





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