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Netflix Straight To Your Television

Roku Netflix Player


We know that a lot of you are Netflix fans and rightly so. They’ve been at the forefront of remoulding the way we rent DVD’s and movies for almost 10 years now and their back catalogue is getting pretty decent when it comes to film and TV choice.

They haven’t rested on their laurels and chilled out, no no no, instead they’ve brought us the Roku Netflix Player which does away with the need for a PC altogether and just hooks straight into your Television set (it has a range of connectors including HD).

All you need to get the Roku Netflix Player working is either Ethernet or wireless internet and a TV and you’re away. The box is fairly small and retails at around $100 so if it means doing away with the space occupied by your PC (and perhaps crowding around your PC screen when viewing with friends) and being able to watch Netflix on your giant LCD then it’s not a bad price to pay.

Netflix does not currently offer HD streaming but when the service does become available (as it inevitably will in this HD world) then the Roku Netflix Player is already built to transmit these movies


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