Tony Montana Eat Your Heart Out



We all remember the scene form Scarface. When Tony Montana and crew are counting their wads of cash in a back office and it just keeps piling up (much like the GadgetHeat

back office on payday – not!). That money counter looked like a nifty little gadget back then and now you too can own your very own ‘dubious income’ counter.

The ACV30 Portable Currency Counter can count and add up to 600 bills per minute and is also able to check for fraudulent bills (pretty nifty eh?). This battery operated gadget has three fraud detection systems, ultra-violet, magnetic ink verification and watermark check.

Whilst the fraud protection has to be done separately from the counting, you can see your accumulating total via the LCD display and if you have absolutely reams of cash at your disposable you can even plug the thing into the wall if your money outlasts the battery power.

You can pick one up for around $100 and for a high roller like yourself that’s chump change…

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