Mouse Computer Masterpiece V1200X1 » We’ve Seen Better



The Mouse Computer Masterpiece V1200X1 is the latest in the Core i7 gaming desktop series by the erstwhile Japanese computer maker’s arsenal. After the slew of gorgeous gaming PC’s we have seen lately, they would have to release something really spectacular to make us catch our breath. They haven’t.

Not to say that the Masterpiece V1200X1 is bad, it’s just not that great (you can dell that these gaming rigs

have spoilt us can’t you?). The V1200X1 comes with a Core i7 965, 3GB of DDR3 PC3-10600 RAM, 1.08TB of HDD, Blu-Ray player and burner, SLI Invidia GeForce GTS285 with 1GB of VRAM, XP Pro SP3. Not to shabby but there doesn’t look to be an SSD option and the 3GB of DDR3 would have been acceptable if we hadn’t comes across this 24GB Dell Studio xps 435 core i7


The Mouse Computer Masterpiece V1200X1 is available now in Japan.


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