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This 747 Jet Liner Bed by MotoArt is for true petrol heads only. Lewis Hamilton probably tucks Nicole Sherzinger up at night in one these (we’re just speculating of course ^^). The 747 Jet Liner bed is made using an original 747 engine nacelle cowling and gives a new meaning to the term – Fly By Night.

Added to the 747 engine nacelle cowling headboard is a round box spring mattress and extra touches such as acrylic automotive paint finish, mirror-polished leading nose ring and green Plexiglas end caps. There’s an option to request a price on the product page which probably means that you can’t afford it.

If your a fan of turning planes into furniture (and why wouldn’t you be?) like this 747 Jet Liner Bed, then you should check out the G5 Aeroplane desk

and complete your take-off.



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