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Nikon Touchcam Coolpix eXtreme Compact Digicam



The Nikon Touchcam Coolpix eXtreme Compact Digicam concept by designer Camillo Vanacore is as slick as it gets. Boasting a sand-weathered-stone body shape and a continuous LCD on the back panel, this camera is like the Dark Knight of point and shooters.

Slick as it may be, the Nikon Touchcam is just a concept for the moment but bi doubt the necessary execs keep a close eye on how all concepts are received and salivated over to see if there is a business case (i.e. money) for bringing them into reality. The Coolpix eXtreme Compact Digicam (as it is also known) is designed to be dust, water and all other proofs you can think of in order to be a perfect companion in all terrains. Kind of like the cooler cousin of the Canon PowerShot D10


Don’t hold your breath for Nikon to bring this one to the stores but if enough of us oohh and ahh over the Nikon Touchcam Coolpix eXtreme Compact Digicam enough then maybe, just maybe….


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