MAXELL VRSP-4000 – 4th Generation And Beyond

Maxell vrsp_4000

Maxell vrsp_4000

As if we needed another iPod dock in this over populated niche, Maxell have announced the impending release of the VRSP-4000 iPod Dock. The VRSP-4000 is compatible with 4th generation iPods and beyond so if you have one that is any older, your out of luck my friend.

Maxell’s VRSP-4000 comes attached to two 18 Watt speakers and features an FM radio. The most impressive feature of this rather classic iPod dock is that fact that it utilises Bit-Revolution Technology which allows the recovery of data lost during compression and, if working as advertised, should also provider an enhanced audio experience.

As iPod docks go, the Maxell VRSP-4000 is relatively straight forward and feature-light. It should retail for around 150€ when released on July 25th. If you are looking for more funky docks you should check out the wooden iPod dock

and the twin iPod dock

. If you have a bit of spare cash you may even want to splash out on the Porsche iPod dock

, vroom, vroom…..

Maxell vrsp_4000

Maxell vrsp_4000



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