Mac Mini Dockable Desktop Radio



The stackable Mac Mini Dockable Desktop Radio concept is pretty nice to look at we have to admit although how many Mac Mini users would also need a separate radio unit (as opposed to streaming on-line direct from the Mac Mini) we don’t know. The number must be in the low 10’s….

In any case, as concepts go, the Mac Mini Dockable Desktop Radio is nice to look at and that’s all that matters when you know a product is never going to come to market (or get off the drawing board). Designed by Sebastien Sauvage, the speaker and radio tuner are awash with USB ports and are both stackable with your Mac Mini to make a cute little unit.

Wish, pray and maybe hope but the Mac Mini Dockable Desktop Radio will remain on the concept

pages methinks.



  1. I don’t get how bouncing the sound so much can make it better. The material would have to reflect perfectly, which is impossible, and all it pretty much does is add interference no?

  2. Yes but it looks cool and as with most concepts (and Mac products), that’s what really matters. The impossibility and improbability of the implementation is often secondary.

  3. No Dua, you are quite wrong I’m afraid, bouncing the sound’s waves will create a much nice and deeper sound, It s a smart thinking to use the design to enhance the sound quality for a small size speacker system. And it looks great indeed! I Like this concept!

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