Samsung NC310 Netbook » Or N310 Netbook; Whatever



The Samsung NC310 netbook (or N310 if you prefer) is touting a supposedly 11-hour lasting battery. That’s a lot of time to get busy with your netbook. Available in what looks like a range of colors, this netbook

will be hitting the UK first with the rest of the world to follow.

The Samsung NC310 also comes with a South Korea only option of WiBRO (mobile WiMAX) but the rest of te specs should be universal. These include 1GB of memory, 10.1-inch LCD, 160GB disk, 5-hour battery, 802.11b/g WiFi, 1.3-megapixel camera and HSDPA data.

Available for £399 ($577) from May (only the UK release date confirmed so far), we would say that the price-point was the wrong side of the spec sheet but we guess Samsung have to recoup the extensive marketing costs of the NC310 Netbook somehow. No, wait….

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