Kenwood I-K50 Head Unit – iPhone Loving Car Stereo



Hooking up your iPod to your car has long been a necessity and a gap filled by the technology of many manufactures. Kenwood’s I-K50 however, allows you to hook up your iPhone to your car stereo, now we’re talking.

Purportedly ‘iPhone friendly’, the Kenwood I-K50 Head Unit comes without (yes, without) a dock connector but does have a USB port in plain view. This allows you to connect any PMP

or DAP device with a USB connector (including iPhones and iPods) direct to the Kenwood I-K50 Head Unit without a problem.

Not happy to dispense completely with the ‘old ways’ just yet, the Kenwood I-K50 Head Unit also plays CD’s and no doubt has support for various radio frequencies.

The Kenwood I-K50 Head Unit will be available in Japan next month for around ($259) ¥23,100. No U.S. release as yet but the Japanese almost always gets the jump on the latest gadgets (luck so and so’s)….

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