iPod Cup Speakers – Too Ghetto



The iPod Cup Speakers makes us nostalgic. Remember being a kid and thinking that all you needed to have fun was a few paper cups and a bit of string? No? Well whatever, the iPod Cup Speakers made us crack a wry smile in these hard times. Finally, a gadget that won’t break the bank.

Designer Dmitry Zagga may have been having a dig at the design industry or he may simply have been having a go at being uber-retro when he came up with this concept design. Whatever the case may be, if the iPod cup speakers actually went into production, GadgetHeat thinks they would be quite cool (obviously not made from actual plastic cups but the idea is a good one).

The iPod Cup speakers are no more than 4 cups, 2 toothpicks to hold them together and a set of iPod headphones connected to an iPod. The headphones are popped into the back of the cups to produce the speaker effect (or lack of).

Simplicity in itself. The sound quality will no doubt by absolutely wack with it being made out of plastic cups and all but the style of the iPod paper cup speakers is definitely ghetto fabulous.



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