Dell Vostro A860 – Laptop For The Credit Crunch Masses



Sometimes manufacturers like to test things in emerging markets (usually unstable medicines, ahem) and Dell have lavished other parts of the world (think ‘poorer’) with the rather nifty Dell Vostro A860 laptop for the past six months or so and have only finally released it for the good old USA (which, if the economy gets any worse, looks to be heading into that ‘poor country’ territory).

The Dell Vostro A860 laptop comes in at an affordable $379 for the base model and your usual Dell customizations include a Celeron or Pentium Dual Core processor, up to 2GB memory and 160GB of available storage, GMA X3100+ integrated graphics and WiFi. You can also add Bluetooth if your in the mood.

Available on the Dell website now, the Dell Vostro A860 laptop is definitely worth considering if you are in the market for a new laptop

. After all, all those Asian and African buyers can’t be wrong, can they?


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