Logic3 i-Station – Rotating iPod / iPhone Dock

logi3 i-station rotating iphone dock

logi3 i-station rotating iphone dock

The day manufactures stop making iPod docks

will be the day that GadgetHeat…,well, it will be a great day that’s all. Fortunately for Logic3 and their i-Station, that day hasn’t come yet.

You may be wondering what the unique point of this iPod Touch/ iPhone dock is (since there are so many of the things, they all have to have something different about them just to make their bandwagon jumping a teeny bit less obvious), well let me tell you, it rotates. Yup, that’s it and when we say it rotates, we don’t mean that the actual dock

rotates but the i-Station has a fancy gizmo that causes your docked iTouch or iPhone to rotate whilst within the cradle.

The Logic3 i-Station and all its rotating goodness can be yours for a bargain-bucket $130 (and we think that is exactly where you’ll find it about a month after its release in January 2009).





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