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iSteam iPhone Shirt



Of the all the Apple accessories and spin-off’s, the iSteam iPhone T-Shirt has to be the most retro with a modern twist. Taking from the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci and the odd-ball Tee hit of the summer, the ‘Exploded iPhone‘, the iSteam iPhone Shirt tries to be everything to Everyman(and pretty much succeeds).

Of course, we still prefer the Gremlin T-shirt

(awesome) but the iSteam iPhone Shirt gets an honourable mention in the cool gadget t-shirt hall of fame next to to the DOS T-shirt

, the Apple Tqualizer Tee

and the Personal Soundtrack Shirt (featuring a lot of wearables these days, maybe we should change our name to ClothesHeat?).

The iSteam iPhone Shirt is available for $10 at their handily named website


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