iPhone 12 Features you Should Enable and Disable Right Away

Got an iPhone 12? We are going to share with you the best features of this amazing gadget that you would love to explore.

It does not matter how you have your hands on the lucrative iPhone 12. However, before you dive into enjoying your iPhone 12 device there are some amazing features that you need to know. There are some features that you can enable and others you can disable depending on your situation.

On that note, let’s share with you some of the best iPhone 12 features that will bring the world of good in your lifestyle.

iPhone 12 features: Fine-tuning Face ID

The iPhone 12 might be the first mobile phone for you to offer you Face ID. Therefore, if you are a newbie when it comes to biometric authentication systems and real money online blackjack  there are challenges that you can come across. For instance, you might not be aware of the actual sunglasses that can feature correctly on your face. Keep your information safe by making use of the Face ID encryption on iPhone 12.

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Enable picture-in-picture video

We all have been there whereby you were watching a video and you would need to use another app in the process. There you something in the browser will disturb your video. Therefore, the iPhone comes with a feature that will allow you to continue watching your video whilst doing other tasks on the mobile phone. If you want this feature, make sure that you enable the picture in video and you will be home and dry.

Restore full-screen call notifications

The recent change to iOS is the way that the phone calls, online craps app and FaceTime calls are now showing up when you are using your device.

Previously the call notification would take up the full screen. Now they have made it as a default notification bar. This simply means you will not face any form of disruption when you are working on your phone.

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