Introduction to the Modafinil Family of Wakefulness Agents

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Modafinil and similar medicines have been around since the year 2003. They are clinically useful for things such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and other sleeping disorders. Modafinil ADHD patients have also reported good progress and good results from the use of these medicines.

Adrafinil was the first one of these medicines, and when you take it, the body actually metabolically converts it to modafinil, which is how modafinil came about. Because this conversion process takes place in the liver, adrafinil is hard on the liver where as modafinil is not. Severe modafinil side effects are as of yet unknown. Modafinil half life is also longer, and reaction time is shorter. As far as the modafinil vs adrafinil debate goes, it’s pretty clear that modafinil is the winner.

As for modafinil vs adderall, they are very different medications. Adderall gives you what may be described almost as too much energy, and you definitely feel very stimulated. Modafinil has a much more subtle effect, and it’s not as long lasting. With adderall it’s easy to find up with the effects lasting around 24 hours, which is obviously not so practical. Adderall would be considered more to be a very short term thing, for when you need a long burst of extended energy for some huge task, or indicated for severe ADHD and the like.


People often ask about modafinil vs armodafinil, and which may be better for them. Armodafinil was developed in 2007 and is considered to be a more refined version of the medicine by many. Armodafinil side effects are less even than modafinil and are considered to be almost nonexistent. Also, armodafinil doesn’t interfere at all with the normal sleep process. Generally, armodafinil reviews generally place it as the superior version of the medicine. The downside is of course it’s more expensive.

The only clear advantage to adrafinil is its availability. It can be difficult to buy modafinil or armordafinil in the USA as of this writing, for example, because of regulatory issues. For some unfathomable reason, adrafinil is less regulated and available over the counter.

So how to get modafinil or armordafinil? They are available under their brand or generic names, for modafinil they are modalert and modvigil and for armodafinil they are waklert and artvigil, respectively.  You can buy modafinil online (or armodafinil) . It’s cheap easy and convenient and it comes right to your door.

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