The 3 Most Useful Things To Have In Your Home

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Most gadgets wont really add value to your life and they’re just a fun toy to play with. but today I want to focus on today are those gadgets that really enhance your life.

Here are 3 gadgets that add value to your life…

1. Smart Phone –If you want to measure the impact of a gadget by how many people use it, then with the possible exception of the radio or television the mobile phone has possibly changed how the human race communicates virtually overnight. You only have to look at anyone under 40 in 2017, and they seem to permanently have a phone glued to their hand. In fact, if you were to read their texts it could even be responsible for creating a new language.

2. Amazon Echo Dot –While not exactly a futuristic artificial intelligence, this new gadget is taking front rooms around the world by storm. The echo dot is a virtual digital assistant, it will keep track of your diary, answer questions and even tell you if you’re going to need a jacket when you go out. The more you use the echo dot, the more you will come to appreciate the versatility it adds to your life.


3. Sonos Sound system –Although this might fall into the realm of luxury gadgets, it is made for the everyday music enthusiast. If you love music then the Sonos music system will be used almost as much as your mobile phone. The sound quality if excellent and there is even a sleep function, should you want to fall asleep to yourfavourite tunes. If we measure gadgets on how often you use them, then the Sonos has to be right up there. It connectes via your wifi to numerous music services including Apple music and Spotify.

With so many gadgets being launched on a seemingly daily basis the five most useful gadgets in the world will always change and evolve, luckily we have great sites like Gear Hungry to keep track of all the new gadgets for us, but in our opinion, the five listed above are our current favourites.

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