iLuv iSP200 Speaker – USB Hub Soundbar



Having had a soundbar attached to the last GadgetHeat office PC, I cannot say that I am a fan but the iLuv iSP200 Speaker may be about to change all that (it definitely looks the part). The problem with attaching soundbars to your PC is that they have an annoying habit of becoming detached. Bummer.

The iLuv iSP200 Speaker changes that by allowing you to detach either of the two speakers and position them how you see fit. With 2.1 surround sound you are not going to be raising the roof any time soon but with 32Watts of SRS-XT virtual surround, it’s not half bad on the audio front.

Available in June of 2009, the iLuv iSP200 Speaker has a built in 3-jack USB hub and can be used with either PCs or Macs. At $100 it’s not too expensive as accessory but for a bit more, you can really pimp out your audio game you should check out the Harmon Kardon GLA-55 






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