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iBoobs App For iPhone – NSFW, Inappropriate And Fascinating

The iBoobs application for the iPhone is definitely NSFW and when something is marked NSFW you usually get an itch to look at it even more. It may as well say ‘don’t press this button’. Will the iBoobs application ever see the light of day in the apple store? Probably not. Will it get about a million downloads amongst those who have jail-broken their iPhones and have Rapidshare and Torrent accounts? Probably.

The video below probably says more than all the word of this page but we’re going to pretend you’re interested in the article as well anyway. The iBoobs app may, just may show up in the new NSFW category that Apple are planning to introduce for the more risqué amongst iPhone owners but we think that even that may be too tame to contain these puppies (^^).

Serving no purpose but to titillate and produce schoolboy giggles, the iBoobs app by Mystic Game Development will not be hitting an iPhone store near you any time soon. It will however, be hitting a most downloaded rapidshare or torrent download list right about now…..


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