BeoCom2 Cordless Phone By Bang & Olufsen



If you are a renowned acoustic and audio brand with a unique sense of styling, such as Bang & Olufsen

, when you release any gadget, it has to have that certain Je ne se qua. The BeoCom2 Cordless Phone certainly has that….if you’re a giant.

Crafted form a single piece of aluminium, the BeoCom2 Cordless Phone By Bang & Olufsen looks like it could double up as a weapon of choice should you hear strange noises coming form your front room in the middle of the night. Designed to be easy to operate with a single hand (what cordless phone needs to hands?), the BeoCom2 Cordless Phone will be available in a half-dozen colors ranging from the default aluminium to white, blue, yellow, grey and black.

Only available in Korea for now, there doesn’t seem to anything too spectacular about the BeoCom2 apart from the odd design that makes us wish it was available in Europe or the U.S. any time soon. The 1,790,000(KRW) looks a bit steep to us too (sorry, too lazy to check the exchange rate but anything with that may digits in its price tag is to be avoided).


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