How to ensure effective call tracking in your business

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A call tracking system is a valuable tool for your business as it allows you to gain information that will give you a better insight into your current marketing strategies. For businesses that use a number of marketing strategies, call tracking will let you see the advantages and potential disadvantages of each individual advertising channel. It also allows you to obtain statistics such as call volume per day/hour and customer demographics (such as age and location) so you can establish more targeted advertising.

Use unique numbers for each of your advertising channels

If you’re running a number of advertising campaigns but only using one number, there is no way for you to determine which campaign is working the best. You can overcome this issue by attributing different numbers to each of your advertising channels. This will give you an exact reading of which advert is attracting the most customers and how you can improve the others to do the same. Plus, you can save money and maximise future returns by removing ineffective ads, whether they are online or offline.

Use different numbers for each department

If your company has a number of different departments, it can be helpful to use a different number for each. You can then track the amount of incoming calls that each department receives therefore making it easier to manage your employees effectively so that there is always someone on hand to answer inbound calls. This also stands as an advantage for your customers, too, as it will mean they can directly reach the department that will handle their needs rather than being transferred from one person to another. Something as simple as this adds to improved customer satisfaction and it’s more likely that they’ll stay on the line.

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Integrate all of your tracking systems

Your business may already use online tracking systems to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns but if you’re considering a call tracking system it will work best if you integrate it with those you already use. Most of the software applications available will allow you to integrate call tracking so that you can identify exactly which ad the customer has clicked on to call you. Call tracking services such as those provided by Capital Telecom will allow you to integrate all of your tracking systems to better identify which are gaining the most enquiries day-to-day.

Choose a tracking system that will record inbound calls

The process of recording the inbound calls that you receive on a daily basis is a simple but effective way to identify a number of issues. Firstly, it will allow you to gain an insight into the demographics of your customers so that you can better manage your targeted ad campaigns. Secondly, by recording calls between your customer and those on your customer service team, you will be able to see which of your employees may need further training when it comes to inbound calls. You can also use past recorded calls for the training of future staff.

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