How Businesses Can Gain Leads –– Not Just Followers –– on Social Media

person using laptop computer during daytime 196655

person using laptop computer during daytime 196655

What is the monetary value of a “like” on Facebook? How about the value of a retweet? Or a follower on Instagram? The reality is, lots of businesses seek to increase their following on social media –– and spend a great deal of time, money, and resources doing so –– but don’t quite understand how beneficial such a strategy is. Sure, it’s preferable to have 10,000 followers to 1,000. Still, how can businesses be sure that they’re attracting qualified leads on social media, and not followers who have no interest in actually purchasing a product or service? If you’ve ever asked yourself a similar question, then this post is for you. Here are three ways that businesses can garner leads –– and not just followers –– on social media: 

Make a Connection

There’s a big difference between interacting with a nameless, faceless corporation, and having a conversation with a real person. Ideally, companies on social media should work to humanize their brand and connect with followers on a regular basis. By answering customer questions, providing clarifications, and thanking followers for support, businesses can gain more meaningful support on social media and produce more conversions as a result. Note that making a connection with someone is often easier on social media than through a cold call or email campaign

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Be Specific

Let’s make one thing clear: widespread appeal is overrated. Indeed, if your company operates in a niche industry, then, odds are, your business will never achieve a huge, global audience. And that’s perfectly okay! Rather than trying to court people who have no interest in your business/product/service, instead cater your social media content to suit the preferences of your most qualified leads. In other words, don’t be afraid to post a blog about an obscure product like a new type of gray top tube or aftermarket car part. Even if you only get a small response, quality trumps quantity in this matter. 


Hardly revolutionary, advertising on social media is nevertheless an extremely effective tactic. There is an art to advertising on social media, and it allows marketers to target consumers more precisely than they can by simply using “organic” posts. Advertising on social media can be costly –– so it’s important to understand your goals and budgets first. The good news is, if you manage to get this aspect right, you can connect with excellent leads quickly and efficiently. 

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