Building a Great Warmup

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If you aim for an intense workout routine, performing a warm up before the training is important, and in some cases, you may even need one during a light workout. According to Blake Dircksen, a certified strength and conditioning expert and physiotherapist at Bespoke Treatments, warmups before workout routines are non-negotiable. Failure to do so may result in tearing, pulling, or even injuring your body. 

Luckily, getting through a perfect warm up exercise is straightforward when you know what you are required to do. Here are some tips to help you with your routine:

Begin with Foam Rolling

According to a study featured in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, foam rolling is proven to increase blood flow, improve joint flexibility, and turn the fascia to a more gel-like form. The same study points out that one can benefit from working on all major muscle groups for one minute or thirty seconds at five sets per group. If you have limited time, try lowering the sets to two for each group.

Proceed to Mobility

After warming up your muscles, you can advance to mobility training. Mobility exercises will let your joints adapt to working in their complete range of motion. The best advice is to perform various calisthenics exercises. The calisthenics exercises should focus on involving your hips, ankles, and shoulders. Spinal mobility is essential as well, so you need to do a bit of gentle mobility activity there as well. If you want something more impactful, try complementing your exercises with Steroids Fax performance enhancers.  

A great mobility routine to try out is the ‘World’s Greatest Stretch.’ The exercise is easy:starting in a standing position, step with one foot into a lunge. As you do this, ensure that your back knee is off the ground. Using the hand opposite to the leg in front, place your palm on the ground. Follow suit with the other hand, and then stretch it out towards the sky. This requires twisting and turning your torso, including your hips, towards the direction of your rising arm. Keep the movement flawless and perform this for eight repetitions.

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Commence Slowly

Lastly, ease out of your warmup and into a routine of your preference. However, make sure that the exercise is unweighted and done in a gradual motion as you progress to increased intensity. For instance, if you choose strength training, start with an unloaded variation of the main exercise. After a few reps, you are ready to begin your workout program.

Bonus Tip

Once you are finishedwith the above steps, your body should feel heated and eager for a workout. You may also observe that it takes time before your muscles can coordinate successfully to perform actions. This is because a great warmup improves the efficiency of a person’s neural drive and the muscles need a signal to contract.


Without the proper warmup, you are less likely to complete a routine, and if you do, the quality of your training will be lacking. Static stretching is not featured in warmups because they are best left foryour cooldown. According to research, performing static stretching reduces an individual’s strength by more than 8%. So, keep it safe and save the static stretching for your post-workout.

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