Hori Real Arcade Pro Ex – Arcade In Your Home

Control pads these days are pretty standard, apart from the Wii which is just doing its own thing (and rather successfully too Nintendo may smugly add). Not to be outdone (for too long ^^) The xBox 360 has just been granted its own supserstar control pad – The Hori Real Arcade Pro Ex.

Like the Wii, the Hori Real Arcade Pro Ex is also making break from the control pad pack by bringing back the retro classic aracde control pad, complete with Sanwa stick ball-grip joystick, just like you would find in an arcade.

The style of the Hori Real Arcade Pro Ex includes 8 classic arcade buttons, perfect for bashing the 8-bits out of any sprites that appear on your screen.

The Hori Real Arcade Pro Ex is a Japanese only release at the moment costing in the region of ¥12,000 making it about $112 + shipping costs. This is probably one for hardcore gamers but if you get your hands on one, all your Xbox Live opponents would be in a whole world of trouble as you find unleashing your can of name-brand whoop-ass even easier than normal…



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