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Gremlin Troublemaker T-shirt- Wear After Midnight



This has nothing to do with gadgets

but when I saw this my less than saintly side had to blog it.

The Gremlin troublemaker t-Shirt by designer Ryan Berkley

is just cool, geek chic at its best.

Unfortunately it looks like the Gremlin troublemaker t-shirt is sold out at the moment but if you pester monsieur T

for long enough maybe they’ll produce another batch of the evil Gremlins mantra troublemaker Tees.

Gizmo needs to watch his back…

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  1. […] The electrical parts and the speaker are both detachable so the Personal Soundtrack Shirt can be hand-washed and even washed via machine as long as you don’t put it on a super-vigorous cycle. You may think $40 is somewhat pricey to pay for a T-shirt but can you imagine the looks on your work-colleagues faces when you stroll in to the tune of the Pink Panther? The only thing better would be walking wearing this Gremlins T-shirt. […]

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