Altec Lansing Expressionist Bass Speakers – Cylindar Sound


altec-expressionist Speakers

Cone shaped speakers aren’t the run-of-the-mill so the Altec Lansing Expressionist Bass Speakers is a definite statement of intent by the newly re-branded audio peripheral manufaturer.

Each of the Altec Lansing Expressionist Bass Speakers hide a 4-inch ‘long throw’ subwoofer underneath their sleek design, pumping bass downwards direct onto the surface they are placed upon. Known as a 2.2 speaker system, this allows the sound to reverberate at 360 degrees giving deeper bass (or as the kids say, more crunk in your trunk).

At $130 – $150 for a set, the Altec Lansing Expressionist Bass Speakers isn’t overly expensive for the package so keep an eye out when they go on general release later this year. If you’re looking from something even more flash to get crunk to, check out the GLA-55 speakers by Harmon Kardon







  1. That sounds like some serious bass happening there! From that photo, the pair look like some robots from doctor who. I’ll have to get a demo of them sometime.

  2. You’re right, they do remind me of the Daleks in a friendly, non-exterminating kind of way….

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