Fuel Cell Laptop Battery – Hours of Fun


Power Packing Gadgets

The thing about laptops is that they run out of juice too quick for GadgetHeat’s liking. No sooner have you charged them than they need recharging. Most li-ion batteries just don’t provide enough energy for long stretches of time. Those Li-ion batteries that do have a 10 hour capacity are not very Eco-Freindly. You may as well carry your desktop around (obviously impractical but you get the drift).


Enter the 10 hour laptop fuel cell battery developed by Russian scientist Lev Trusov, professor, doctor of engineering, director general of the Aspect Association and his team. Based onclean energy – fuel cell and nano technology (all sounds very high-tech ^^), the block is expected to be in full production by 2009. The fuel-cell battery is set to power your laptop for 10 hours under a 20watt load which means hours of use without that annoying icon flashing up in the bottom corner telling you to recharge.


A hydrogen fuel cell battery is as Eco-friendly as it gets and if it lasts for 10 hours non stop, more power to it. Literally.



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