Knight Rider GPS – Bye Bye TomTom

William Daniels, the orginal voice of KITT, must be in need of feathering his nest egg as he has agreed to lend his voice to Mio’s Knight Rider themed GPS (good job he did too otherwise we would have to rely on the wrong sounding Val Kilmer – WTF?).

The Knight Rider themed GPS will set you back about $270 once it goes on sale and you will have the reassuring voice of KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand if you didn’t know) asking you ‘Hello Michael, where do you want to go today?’ .
This fully functioning GPS even has the obligotory flashing red LED lights surrounding the screen which serve no purpose except to make you remeber how cool flashing lights can make anything look, especially when accompanied by sound effects….

knight Rider-gps






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  7. The Knight Rider GPS is going to be awesome! I hear the voice (K.I.T.T.) is powered by I have Mr. T from navtones, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Hopper… Can not wait to get this one!

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